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Mammoth VillageWelcome to Mammoth Lakes…

is a relatively small town that offers a lot of excitement. Mammoth is well known for its skiing, boasting of an elevation of 7,800 feet and heavy snowfall during the winter months, the town attracts thrill seekers from across the country to enjoy its beautiful landscape. Approximately 8,000 people live in Mammoth Lakes during the year, but the town’s population soars to 35,000 as winter takes hold.

Mammoth has a lot more to offer than skiing, of course. For those that are interested in the outdoors, Mammoth is home to prime camping, fishing, and hunting attractions. Those that prefer to stay indoors, especially to get away from the chill of winter, can enjoy the luxury dining, world class spas, and other such attractions that are hosted throughout Mammoth.

Mammoth History

Mammoth Lakes was built in the shadow of several mountains, one of the largest of which is Mammoth Mountain. In 1877, four prospectors staked a claim on the nearby Mineral Hill, only a short distance south of where Mammoth Lakes is currently. Within a year, the Mammoth Mining Company was organized to tap into the resources of the land. By 1878, more than 1,500 people had flocked to the area to settle Mammoth City. Within a decade, the population dwindled to only 10 permanent residence, due to the collapse of the Mammoth Mining Company. Mammoth Lakes was eventually established in the early 1900’s and quickly became a popular tourist attraction.

Getting to MammothGetting to Mammoth

Mammoth is a rural town in the mountains of California. While there are several roads that lead to and from the town, getting there can be time consuming and sometimes difficult due to weather – this is why many are opting to use the town’s airport for nothing more than a hop, skip and a jump to slopes! ┬áMammoth is approximately 350 miles away from both San Francisco and Los Angeles and can be reached via Highway 395. The town can also be reached through the Yosemite National Park either through hiking or a two-hour drive.

Mammoth has its own airport, which accommodates both commercial and private travel. Alaska Airlines makes year-round trips to and from Mammoth Lakes.

Mammoth LivingLiving in Mammoth

Mammoth Lakes is an attractive tourist destination, but many people choose to live in the town year-round. These residents often partake in the activities that have attracted tourists from around the U.S. for several years. Mammoth Mountain skiing is particularly popular, especially in the months before winter hits its stride. The small town also hosts a variety of events that have an emphasis on community, creating a tight bond among its permanent residents. Mammoth boasts of many schools, hospitals, and luxury living accommodations for those that want a small town feel with big city extravagance.